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Hi, I'm Dr. Cantor.

I am a clinical and holistic psychologist with offices in Oradell, NJ, and Cortland Manor, NY, with over 20 years of professional experience working with young adults, families, and couples seeking psychotherapy treatments.  

My Approach:

As an integrative and holistic clinical psychologist, I practice with a cognitive-behavioral / family systems based perspective that prioritizes strengthening relationships, thinking, and decision-making to improve our daily lives. Licensed in New York and New Jersey, I see an individual's behavior influenced by a complex, interactive combination of individual biological influences, emotional, and thinking attributes, as well our social relationships.

If you want things to go differently, you have to DO something different. And usually, to be able to do something different, you have to think differently. Identifying these treatment goals help clarify your needs and concentrate your efforts on the most helpful changes you need to make to improve your life. We will focus on helping you to identify the nature of your difficulties, and creating workable solutions. Practicing and evaluating your new approaches to thinking and making choices will further clarify and refine them, and make them more effective.

I have twenty-five years of experience with helping couples in marriage counseling and with parents and children in family therapy. Other areas of expertise treatment experience include sleep disorders, ADHD, substance dependency, PTSD, bereavement, depression and anxiety.

As an Expert Witness, I have extensive forensic experience, particularly conducting child custody evaluations, and testified many times in Family Courts in NY and NJ as an expert witness for mental health issues.

New York State License
June 2000         

State of New Jersey License:
February 2002    

To Schedule an Appointment, Please Call:

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