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Marriage Counseling

The goal in marriage counseling is to help each person meet their marriage goals in sharing their life together. First, setting the couple at ease, and helping them feel that the process will be effective is crucial. Then, we develop a plan to clarify and then work to meet their goals by increasing their appreciation and closeness of each other, through acceptance and accommodation with each other.

Depression & Anxiety

Depression is often a human reaction we have to things that happened to us. The past holds us back, and we need to learn and let go. By rewriting scripts in our head and understanding our attachment patterns/needs, we can work together to see where our past experiences help or hold us back, and reframe our internal narratives to help things go better. 

Sleep Disorders

One of the nice things about sleep difficulties is that we can solve many common problems that people have with simple behavioral interventions. Aside from clinical sleep disorders such as apnea or restless legs syndrome, many problems can be resolved with a stricter sleep schedule and eliminating the sleep burglars that take away our restful sleep.

Substance Dependency

This is a game nobody wins. You master this, or it masters you. Dependency is one of the most destructive forces in any of our lives and requires doing several things differently (which turns out to be all harder to do than using a substance.) Any intervention is a nonjudgemental approach to fostering making the harder, more functional choices for yourself.

Forensic Evaluations

As an experienced court appointed forensic evaluator, I have over a decade of clinical experience conducting and writing child custody evaluations for family courts in New York and New Jersey. These court ordered evaluations are assigned by a Judge, to assess parents and families in contentious divorces. These are conducted as a therapeutic intervention for the family, for the parents and children, as well as for providing crucial information for the court to make psychologically healthy decisions for the children.

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